Friday, August 5, 2011

Beats and Beers with FDR

As we all sit yearning for the impending onslaught of fall releases our good friend FDR, has graced us with a blink and you'll miss it preview from a project a little farther out. Broken Hearts & Blank Faces while without a release date has all the ingredients to raise anticipation. Produced entirely by Wesley Opus it consist of all Wesley Opus and Captain Midnight beats except for the track we're previewing this weekend. I Could Be is a beat made by FDR himself and fitting with the rest of the ep it is "a depressing, yet uplifting album with ranging topics from finding love, to losing love, being lied to, cheated on." We can't wait.

More FDR:

FDR also graced us with his recommendations for the top ten places in the Twin Cities to drink up. With humidity levels on the rise nothing hits the spot quite like a cold one.

10. Dubliner (No tv. All drinking.)
9. Kips Pub in Minnetonka (The most Cheers-esque bar I've ever been to)
8. Herkimer (Come play bags with me. You'll prolly lose haha)
7. American Burger Bar (Minus my outrageous bar tabs there)
6. Country Bar (Cause....why not?)
5. Cause (The patio is where its at..and you can't argues with the scenery
4. Honey (Something about the glowing bar is beautiful)
3. Pizza Luce (Either uptown or downtown..I have no problem going to either)
2. Leaning Tower (And the macaroni and cheese is bomb)
1. Liquor Lyle's (2-4-1's almost all the time..on can you go wrong?)

And of course if you happen to reside in the Twin Cities we highly recommend checking out FDR as well as good friends Botzy and Wesley Opus at Honey on August 18th. It's 18+ and FREE with Megan Hamilton and I Colossus.

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